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Yesterdays Craft Piece

I didn’t do one. I’m really sorry! I found a really easy jam recipe and made jam instead!

Here’s the turn out:

These are the ingredience, and that’s all there is! Just 3 things! You wont need all that butter though!

1 kg of fruit (I used all the strawberries, and raspberries I’d been collecting and

                   and freezing over summer. I also used fuschia berries! Fresh or

                   frozen is fine)

1 kg of Jam Setting Sugar (this is a chelsea product, so hopefully they sell it

                                        where you are!)

10g of butter

This is the recipe on the packet.

1. Mash fruit coarsely with a potato masher, fork or food processor.

2. Place all fruit and sugar in a heavy 6 litre pot.

3. Heat mixture over a low heat until all sugar is dissolved, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Do Not allow to boil.

4. Add the butter then increase the heat and bring to a full boil (a boil that cannot be stopped when stirred).

5. Boil for 4 minutes only, carefully skim of any foam from surface during cooking.

6. Spoon out a small amount on to a cold plate. Allow to cool slightly, then test for set; push finger gently through jam, when surface wrinkles remove pot from heat.

7. Bottle immediately in pre-sterilised jars. Refrigerate once opened.

Makes approx. 4-5 medium jars.

(It says 4-5 medium jars, but I only got 3 and a bit).

Some people wonder if making your own jam is really worth the effort when you figure in the costs. In this case it is! The fruit was all harvested for free, the butter was already in the fridge (some small cost, but almost neglegible), and the jam setting sugar cost $4.79. Which means each full jar cost a bit over a buck. We can’t buy jam for that in N.Z!

Best tip I can give you? Start saving your jars!

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